Inspect camera paths FAQ

Modified on Mon, 17 Oct 2022 at 06:33 AM

To view the camera path in the third person, toggle the Inspect button. 


  • What is represented on a camera path? 
    Along the red camera path, each frame is represented by a white dot and each keyframe by a blue dot. 

  • Can I edit the path while in inspect mode?
    Adding, dragging, removing keyframes, or changing keyframe interpolation can be performed while in inspect mode. To edit a keyframe's camera position or orientation, exit the inspect mode.

  • How can I interpret the camera path in inspect mode?
    Camera path edits in inspect mode will be visually displayed on the path. 
    Removing a keyframe or changing keyframe interpolation will automatically affect the camera path. 
    Easing modes accelerate or decelerate flythrough speed. Consequently, you will notice more frames (white dots) where the animation slows down and fewer frames farther apart where it speeds up.