Adjust camera path interpolation

Modified on Wed, 14 Sep 2022 at 08:29 AM

Select a keyframe and switch to Inspect mode to change the interpolation. The interpolation mode affects the segment between the selected and the following keyframe.

In NUBIGON, you can choose between three keyframe interpolation options:

Cubic Interpolation

This is the default interpolation and produces smooth camera paths based on the position and orientation of the keyframes. 

Linear Interpolation 

This option produces a more direct connection between two keyframes, giving you more control when designing complex paths. 

Constant Interpolation

This mode holds the position of the selected keyframe until the following keyframe is reached. It can be helpful to highlight a specific point of interest. When looking at the path in Inspect mode, you will notice no white-dotted frames between the blue-dotted keyframes, indicating that the camera will jump from one keyframe directly to the next.