Import image sequences to Adobe Premiere Pro

Modified on Mon, 17 Oct 2022 at 01:44 PM

To import an image sequence into Premiere Pro:  

  • Launch Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Go to File > Import and navigate to the folder containing the image sequence. 
  • Select only the first image, verify that the Image Sequence box is checked, and press Open
  • Set the image sequence frame rate to the same as that you used in NUBIGON. 
    • Right-click on the sequence, and go to Modify > Interpret Footage
    • Set the same frame rate that you used in NUBIGON and press OK
  • Once imported, add the videos to the timeline. 
  • It is now ready for further video editing. 

Disclaimer: This workflow contains a third-party solution. NUBIGON Inc. shares this information as a courtesy to its customers and makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, for the content’s validity or accuracy.