How to animate rotating clip planes

Modified on Tue, 07 Mar 2023 at 12:46 PM

The main focus of this article lies in defining rotating planes. We suggest reading the main workflow on creating clip-plane animations before. 

  • Launch the CAD window from the sidebar, click the point icon, and left-click in the viewport. The new point object will serve as your rotation center.
  • Activate Snap to CAD from the toolbar. 
  • Next, enable Animate > Clip animation and launch the Cross Section window .
  • To configure the beginning of the rotation: 
    • Press Set plane, pick the desired option, snap the mouse cursor to the rotation center and left-click.
    • Then press Clip; if necessary Flip, and insert a keyframe. 
  • To configure the rotation: Drag the timeline indicator to the right, change the elevation angle or rotation angle , and insert a keyframe.
  • Optionally repeat the last step to insert more keyframes.
  • Hide the rotation center and define the Plane and Section preview visibility in the Cross Section window. 
  • Now, you're ready to preview and export your animation.