xray not working after loading scene

Posted about 1 year ago by Bjorn Aaen

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Bjorn Aaen


I reopened a scene and also tried reopening the octree point cloud several times. Each time the xray function fails to work. Can you please advise?

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Bert Azizoglu

Bert Azizoglu posted 7 months ago Admin

Hi Gal, a message about this appears when you try to turn on lights while x-ray is turned on. But you're right, it doesn't happen when in the reverse scenario (first lights on then x-ray); duly noted! 

In general, feel free to message/email us directly. You don't have to wait for days and we try to answer on the same day! 

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Gál Roland posted 7 months ago

Hi Guys,

If I may have a comment... It would be nice to include a warning in the program when you try to activate the x-ray view with the lights on. I spent days looking for a solution to why the x-ray didn't work. :/

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Bjorn Aaen posted about 1 year ago

thanks. yes that solved it

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Bert Azizoglu

Bert Azizoglu posted about 1 year ago Admin

Hi Bjorn, x-ray view is not compatible with lights, so if your lights are turned on, x-ray will not activate. You should find a message about this in the console window. Let us know if this resolves the issue! 

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