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Posted about 1 year ago by henry cottam

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henry cottam


I have tried to open my exported point cloud files (LAS) from Reality Capture to Nubigon but when I try and open them in Nubigon it says; 'Invalid Path Your file path can only contain English characters'. I have tried to change the file name and file type to E57 and XYZ but still having the same problem. Any suggestions? 

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Bert Azizoglu

Bert Azizoglu posted about 1 year ago Admin

Hi Henry, the issue is with non-English characters in the file path, meaning that the file itself OR the folders containing the file may have names with non-English characters. 

For example, I have a point cloud with the file path "C:\Users\BA\Documents\Data\Point-Cloud\demo.e57" which only contains English characters and therefore opens without any issues. 

Now, consider two alternative cases: 

1. If the file path was "C:\Users\BA\Documents\Data\Point-Cloud\demö.e57" I'd be getting the message you're getting, because there's a ö in the file name.

2. If it was "C:\Users\BA\Documents\Data\Pöint-Cloud\demo.e57" I'd be getting the same message, because this time there's a ö in one of the folder names. 

To fix both cases: 

Simply rename the relevant file/folder so that it only contains English characters and try again and the issue will be resolved. Feel free to share the file path if the issue somehow persists. Hope this helps!

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