How to take high-quality screenshots

Modified on Tue, 18 Oct 2022 at 12:25 PM

With NUBIGON, you can create high-quality screenshots of your viewport. Follow these easy steps to produce appealing images for your clients, leads, and audiences. 

Launch the Screenshot window from the sidebar.

Image Size

  • Set the resolution of your screenshot. The maximum value is 4096 for both the width and the height. 
  • Maintaining the aspect ratio will preserve the aspect ratio while you change the width or the height.

Output Options

  • The Quality method renders more points, so we recommend it for high-quality screenshots. 
  • Press Capture and save the image as PNG, TIF, BMP, or JPG file.  

Set the backgroundfrom the toolbar. 

To be able to return to the same viewpoint later on (e.g., to take a screenshot with different display settings) set the current viewpoint as a bookmark  from the toolbar. Learn more about bookmarks.