How to create your first flythrough

Modified on Tue, 16 Jan at 4:05 PM

Follow these simple steps to get your first result within minutes: 

Step 1: Insert keyframes 

  • First, select the default Camera in the Object List. 
  • Move and rotate the camera and click Animate > Insert keyframe (shortcut: I) to define the start of the video.
  • Next, drag the red timeline indicator a few seconds to the right, move the camera, and insert a new keyframe.
  • Optionally, repeat the previous task as many times as you like. 

Step 2: Preview & render video 

  • Adjust the green animation range so that it covers all keyframes.
  • Drag the timeline indicator to the start of the timeline and click  (shortcut: space) to preview the video.
  • Move keyframes apart from each other to slow down the camera movement, and move them closer to each other to speed it up.
  • When you are done, drag the timeline indicator back to the beginning and press Export to launch the Render Video window.
  • To export the video, stick with the default presets and press Render