Modify polylines

Modified on Thu, 20 Oct, 2022 at 2:57 PM

Polylines created in NUBIGON and imported as editable CAD can be modified. 

Launch the CAD window from the sidebar and ensure Viewport editing is enabled. 

  • Drag components: Hover over an edge or a vertex, then left-click, drag and release.  
  • Add vertex: Hover over an edge and right-click.
  • Delete vertex: Hover over an existing vertex and right-click.
  • Close: Drag the first or last vertex onto the other to close an open polyline.

Modify vertex coordinates & edge lengths

  • Select a polyline to view its attributes in the Object Inspector. 
  • Change vertex coordinates and edge lengths as needed. 

Coordinates of a 2D polyline cannot be arbitrarily changed. Only changes that maintain the planarity of 2D polylines are allowed.