How to create custom color scales

Modified on Mon, 8 Jul at 9:26 AM

NUBIGON comes with various predefined color scales for elevation and intensity color sources. Follow the steps below to create a custom color scale. 

Step 1: Create a new color scale

Select an object and choose elevation or intensity color source from Object Inspector > Color Source.

Click + icon next to the Color scale drop-down. This will assign the newly created color scale to the selected point cloud and launch the Color Scale Editor page for further editing.

Step 2: Customize the new color scale 

You can now: 

  • Rename and delete custom color scales in the Color Scale Editor. 
  • Add (+) a new color stop, and remove (-) the selected one.
  • Edit the position of a color stop by dragging it along the color scale gradient or entering a value in the Pos field. Its color can be adjusted from the Color field.