Release Notes v 4.9.0

Modified on Wed, 24 Aug, 2022 at 2:16 PM

v.4.9 Release (January 15, 2021)


  • Introduced new display modes: Elevation, Intensity, and Object color
  • Added customizable elevation and intensity ranges
  • Added custom color scales for elevation and intensity display modes
  • Introduced x-ray view with automatic exposure adjustment
  • Introduced shaded-view for all display modes 
  • Added option to create new materials and color scales from the Object Inspector
  • Added option to render videos in the background


  • Improved and stabilized point streaming algorithms
  • Accelerated video render speed up to 4 times
  • Enhanced stability of Orthophoto generation
  • Enhanced stability of Section generation 
  • Improved viewport rendering performance of selected objects


  • Redesigned Editors window
  • Added new Color Scale Editor page in Editors window
  • Display possible mouse actions in the status bar when hovering over Material Editor
  • Added VRAM per tile parameter to Orthophoto generation window
  • Restructured octree-generation messages

Bug fixes

  • Fixed duplicate removal issues in datasets with a large spatial extent 
  • Remove all resources if the octree generation fails 
  • Fixed the drag indicator going over the last keyframe in synced playback mode


  • Replaced the Previous offset option with the more intuitive Reference option
  • Removed support for the beta tiling option in video rendering
  • Omitted drawing of arrows for DXF texts