Release Notes v 4.9.2

Modified on Wed, 24 Aug, 2022 at 2:13 PM

v.4.9.2 Release (June 5, 2021)


  • Record camera movement as animation path.
  • Introduced linear and constant keyframe interpolation modes in addition to the default cubic mode.
  • Introduced easing options for keyframes.
  • Added undo & redo support for changing the FPS setting.
  • Added the option to toggle overlays in the render video window.
  • Added support to move timeline indicator to previous and next frames with arrow keys.
  • Introduced the display of frames on the animation path.
  • Added the option to change the background color of orthophotos.
  • Added the option to generate orthophotos with a transparent background.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the animation path breaks between two keyframes with more than 90 degrees in-between.
  • Fixed interpolation issues between keyframes with a very small rotational angle in-between.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the FPS setting affected the animation length.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred during the cancelation of octree generation.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a new scene in the inspect mode.
  • Fixed an issue where assigning a material to an object through the Object List context menu did not refresh the Object Inspector.


  • Improved zooming in & out of the timeline.
  • Added context menu to the timeline for easily switching between easing options and/or interpolation modes (shortcut available).
  • Changed the notation of image sequence file names.
  • Added context menu to the timeline for updating keyframes (shortcut available).
  • After opening a point cloud, it is automatically selected, and its material attributes are displayed.
  • Added option to toggle highlighting of selected point clouds (turned off by default).
  • The Object Inspector shows the name of the selected object.
  • The camera is now animated when focusing on selected objects.
  • The camera is now animated when aligning the camera view.
  • The camera is now animated when setting the pivot point of the orbit controller.
  • The camera is now animated when entering and leaving the inspect mode.
  • Added hints at the bottom of the octree generation progress window.
  • When generating an orthophoto, a world file is created by default.
  • Highlighting the window with the keyboard focus.
  • When entering a window with the mouse, the keyboard focus is automatically transferred to this window.
  • Checking the validity of project folders when opening point clouds.