Release Notes v 6.2.0

Modified on Tue, 25 Jun at 4:38 AM

v6.2.0. Release (June 19, 2024)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some antivirus software programs perform real-time scans on octree folders. This negatively affects the rendering performance, especially for animation, orthophoto, and screenshot tools. We know that Windows Defender and Bitdefender are causing this issue, but may also extend to others. We recommend whitelisting NUBIGON to circumvent this issue.

Headline Updates 

  • Added support for classified point clouds 
  • Reduced the first part of octree-generation times by up to 40 percent 
  • Added new options for elevation display
  • Introduced a new method to display point clouds in x-ray mode and meshes without z-fighting
  • Added camera path import/export (glTF) between NUBIGON and different software packages
  • A powerful DWG/DXF import thanks to automatic unit conversion, better shading, and Object List organization of layers, blocks, and entities 

Supported Formats

  • Added support for classified LAS/LAZ point clouds 
  • Added the glTF export (camera paths and meshes with base color)
  • Improved the stability of glTF import
  • Added scaling and rotation options for glTF import & export 
  • Added the option to split DWG/DXF models by blocks during import   
  • Added automatic unit conversion for DWG/DXF import 
  • Added additional standard unit conversion options for DWG/DXF import

Display & Rendering Enhancements 

  • Added automatic color coding by point cloud classes 
  • Added automatic recognition of the color specification (8-bit/16-bit) for LAS/LAZ files 
  • Added new axis options for elevation display
  • Added viewport picker to define the range for elevation display
  • Improved shading of DWG/DXF meshes
  • 3D face edges are now visible by default 


  • Added the ability to change the color source of selected objects through the Object List context menu 
  • Optimized Object List organization of DWG/DXF files for enhanced user friendliness 
  • Added a new page to the Preferences menu to change the default color of point classes (classification)
  • Added banner notice about the positive impact of whitelisting on rendering performance 
  • Added function to reset the pivot point of objects


  • Removed the time-consuming duplicate removal from the octree generation
  • Moved color source options out of Material Attributes into Color Source under the Object Inspector 
  • Removed freeze transform
  • Removed the option to highlight selected point clouds
  • The pivot point of each object is located at the origin by default


  • Fixed the timing issue of the animation preview in real-time
  • Fixed an issue where the interpolation between two keyframes with a slight rotational difference led to unexpected behavior
  • Fixed several issues in the glTF import