Release Notes v 5.5.0

Modified on Mon, 10 Oct, 2022 at 5:13 AM

V.5.5.0. Release (October 6, 2022) 

New Features

  • Added multi-media annotation tool
  • Added measurement tool 
  • Added multiple bookmark support 
  • Added silhouette mode for x-ray display
  • Added inverted x-ray display 
  • Added custom background color options
  • Added support for all popular 2D&3D DWG/DXF entities 
  • Added categorized object clipping
  • Added new plane definition modes for cross-sectioning
  • Added new fly navigation mode for moving in the look-at direction of the camera
  • Added guided navigation as part of the new annotation tool
  • Added CAD drawing on horizontal, vertical, and custom planes 
  • Added drawing constraints, including edge extension and orthogonality 
  • Added vertical camera alignment

New Supported Formats 

  • Added LAS 1.4 and LAZ support 
  • Added DWG support 
  • Added measurement export as CSV
  • Added support for WAV files for audio annotations 


  • Optimized display of meshes and x-ray point clouds in the same scene 
  • Overhauled import CAD&OBJ workflows: added unit conversion and offset-to-origin options
  • Size of overlays (e.g., curves, annotations) preserved in orthophotos and screenshots


  • Redesigned toolbar 
  • Redesigned sidebar and its contents
  • Expanded UI customization with the new Preferences window (icon added to toolbar)
  • Added customization options with the new Settings window (icon added to toolbar)
  • Various configurations and preferences are now saved when exiting NUBIGON and restored upon re-launch. Reset to default settings is also available  
  • Added direct tool/feature-specific links to the new Support Portal 
  • Added show/hide by object category
  • Added new Object List icons for object categories
  • Improved handling of Object List items by adding new context menu options; isolate selected objects, reveal items of selected objects, collapse&expand all items
  • Added visual feedback to manipulator actions
  • Added optional step increments for translation, rotation, and scaling manipulators
  • Curve fitting now supports multiple curve selection 


  • Added new CAD import options for fast rendering (old “import as reference”) or editing
  • Removed support for compound curves
  • Removed support for the manual surface modeling
  • Removed support for assigning materials by drag-and-drop from the Material Attribute to the Object List
  • Removed default scene items (flashlight, perspective, and orthographic camera) from the Object List 
  • Camera settings can now be adjusted from the new Settings window
  • Flashlight can be configured from the Lighting tool in the sidebar 
  • Removed Lighting Editor. Moved basic lighting options to the lighting tool in the sidebar
  • Moved translate/rotate/scale manipulator settings to the new Settings window 
  • Removed background color options from the screenshot and orthophoto tools. These tools now use the viewport background color, which can be set from the Settings window  
  • Save and Load Scene now supports color scales. Previously,  they were stored in projects
  • Navigation in fullscreen mode is the same as in regular mode 
  • Adjusted default values and ranges of numerous parameters
  • Removed the highlight color feedback when clip animation is activated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visibility issues when showing meshes and x-ray point clouds in the same scene
  • Fixed the issue when clip animation was activated after inserting keyframes. Clip animation can be activated anytime during the path generation process  
  • Resolved section export issues. Sections of any size can now be exported and opened in AutoCAD  
  • Fixed numerous issues related to saving scenes
  • Fixed non-uniform scaling issues
  • Resolved an issue where scrolling in a parameter box caused unintended scroll of its enclosing window
  • Fixed miscellaneous issues when cleaning large point clouds 
  • Fixed an issue where relative file paths in MTL files were not recognized
  • Fixed an issue where unused materials were not saved
  • Fixed an issue where clip animations caused frequent brightness changes on x-ray point clouds
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes