Color Scale Editor

Modified on Tue, 2 Jul at 6:43 AM

The intensity and elevation display modes feature preset and customizable color scales. 

To launch Color Scale Editor, press Windows > Editors and expand the Color Scale Editor page.  

Create Color Scale 

NUBIGON has various default color scales. To create custom color scales, you have two options: 

Option 1: From the Color Scale Editor, press the New button. 

Option 2: First select a point cloud, then choose the intensity or elevation color source from the Object Inspector > Color Source and click + next to the Color scale drop-down. 

This will assign the newly created color scale to the selected point cloud and launch the Color Scale Editor page for further editing. 

Edit Color Scale 

In the Color Scale Editor, you can:  

  • Rename and delete custom color scales. 
  • Add (+) a new color stop, and remove (-) the selected one. 
  • Edit the position of a color stop by dragging it along the color scale gradient or entering a value in the Pos field. You can change the color of the selected color stop from the Color field.

Default color scales are locked and cannot be edited. 

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