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File Icons

New Scene starts a new, blank scene.

Save Scene saves the current scene into a NUBIGON scene file (Shortcut: Ctrl+S).

Load Scene opens a NUBIGON scene file (Shortcut: Ctrl+L).

Upload to Sketchfab launches the Sketchfab Exporter window.

Learn more about saving and managing scenes. 

Edit Icons

Delete Selected deletes objects selected in the Object List (Shortcut: Delete).

Undo reverts the last action done (Shortcut: Ctrl+Z).

Redo reverts the last undo action (Shortcut: Ctrl+Y).

To increase or decrease the number of undo actions, change  Preferences > Miscellaneous > Undo list size.  

Controller Icons

Orbit Mode activates orbit navigation mode.

Fly Mode activates fly navigation mode. 

Walk Mode activates walk navigation mode.

Gamepad toggles the use of a gamepad controller plugged into your computer.

View Icons

Grid toggles the display of the grid in the viewport.

Axis toggles the display of the axis indicator in the viewport.

Background launches the Background Settings to set background colors or skyboxes. 

Fullscreen changes the display mode from window to fullscreen (Shortcut: F9).

Camera Tool Icons

Perspective camera displays the scene in perspective view.  

Orthographic camera displays the scene in orthographic view.

Focus moves the camera viewpoint to focus on selected objects (Shortcut: F).

Align orients the camera along the normal direction of a vertical or custom plane.

Reset sets the camera viewpoint to its default.

Set Pivot sets the rotation center of the orbit camera controller.

 Show turns on object visibility by category. 

 Hide turns off object visibility by category. 

Set Bookmark saves the current camera viewpoint as a bookmark.

Show Bookmark restores a previously saved camera viewpoint.

Learn more about perspective/orthographic views and bookmarks. 


Manipulator Icons 

Selection disables the display of manipulators on selected objects. 

Translation activates the translation manipulator on selected objects. 

Rotation activates the rotation manipulator on selected objects. 

Scaling activates the scaling manipulator on selected objects.

Learn more about translate/rotate/scale. 

Create Icons

Group creates a new group object (Shortcut: Ctrl+G). 

Snap Icons  

Snap to Grid enables snapping to grid intersections.

Snap to CAD enables snapping to curves and points.

Snap to Mesh Vertex enables snapping to mesh vertices.

Snap to Section enables snapping to sections.

Preferences & Settings Icons

Preferences launches the Preferences window.

Settings launch the Settings window.