Object List

Modified on Tue, 2 Jul at 6:11 AM

By default, the Object List is in the top right corner of the interface. You can undock the Object List from its default position or close it. To re-open the Object List, select Windows > Object List.

The Object List shows a hierarchical list of all objects in the scene. You can collapse or expand all items in the hierarchy. The icon before the object name indicates the type of the object:

Object type
Section, point cloud
Reference layer
Digital terrain model
 2D polyline
 3D polyline 
Point, target
Point light, directional light, spotlight

The following table shows basic actions in the Object List:

How to
Do this
Select an object.
Left-click the object name
Select multiple objects.
CTRL+left-click object names. Learn more about object selection.
Toggle the visibility of an object.
Click or  right to the object name.
Toggle the visibility of multiple objects.
Click the eye icon of one of the selected objects. Learn more about object visibility.
Expand or collapse the level under an object.
Click or  left to the object name.
Rename an object.
Double-click the object's name to rename it (Shortcut: F2).
Delete objects.
Select objects and press the Delete key.
Make an object a child of another object.
Drag & drop the object on top of another object.
Change an object's order in the list.
Drag & drop the object between two other objects in the list.
Change the color of a group object.
Click the color box next to the eye icon and choose a new color. Changing the color will affect the color of all child CAD objects.

Right-click in the Object List will launch a context menu. You can perform the following actions:

  • Isolate Selected: Makes the selected objects visible and the others invisible. 
  • Reveal Selected: Select objects in the viewport and perform this action to find corresponding items in the Object List. 
  • Select Hierarchy: Selects all levels under the selected objects.    
  • Show Hierarchy: Expands all levels under the selected objects.
    TIP: If the hierarchy or the object names are too long, double-click the divider between the name and the visibility columns to view the full object names. 
  • Hide Hierarchy: Collapses all levels under the selected objects. 
  • Assign Material: Lets you assign the selected objects the desired material.  
  • Change Color Source: Lets you assign the selected point clouds one of the color sources, i.e., the point color, object color, elevation, or intensity.
  • Clone Selected: Duplicates the selected objects (Shortcut: CTRL+D).
  • Group: Creates a new empty group (Shortcut: CTRL+G).