Object List

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Object types

The Object List nests all of the objects in the scene. The icon before the object name indicates the type of the object:

Section, point cloud
Reference layer
Digital terrain model
 2D polyline
 3D polyline 
Point light, directional light, spotlight

Common actions

  • Rename: Double-click the name of an object to change its name (Shortcut: F2).
  • Select:
    • Left-click on an item clears the current selection and selects the new item.
    • CTRL+left-click on an item toggles its selection state.
    • SHIFT+left-click on an item selects all items between the current item and the clicked item.
    • Left-click on space and drag the mouse over the items to select.
  • Drag & drop: You can drag and drop objects under other objects.
  • Change visibility:
    • Click the eye icon  to the right of an object name to toggle its visibility.
    • Changing the visibility state of an item applies the new state to all child items.
    • Change the visibility of multiple selected items by toggling the eye icon of one of the selected items.
  • Delete: Use Edit > Delete Selected or press DEL to delete selected objects.

Context menu

Right-click in the Object List will launch a context menu. 

  • Isolate Selected: Turns on the visibility of the selected object(s) and turns off the visibility of the unselected object(s). 
  • Reveal Selected: Reveals Object List items of selected objects. This is particularly useful when selecting objects from the viewport with ALT+left-click.    
  • Expand All: Expands all items in the Object List. 
  • Collapse All: Collapses all items in the Object List.  
  • Assign Material: Assigns the selected object(s) the desired material.  
  • Group: Creates an empty group in the Object List (Shortcut: CTRL+G)

Group creation and coloring

Create group

There are four ways to create a group: 

  • Press Create > Group in the menu bar. 
  • Click the icon  in the toolbar.
  • Right-click in the Object List and select Group from the context menu. 
  • Press CTRL+G. 

Group color 

A group acts as a layer for CAD objects. 

There are two ways to change the color of groups: 

  • Set the default color of groups in the scene through the Layer color property under Preferences > CAD .
  • Change the color of selected groups by using the color box next to it in the Object List. Once the color of a group has been changed this way, subsequently editing the Layer color property will not affect this group.