How to insert keyframes for objects

Modified on Mon, 29 Jan at 2:31 PM

With NUBIGON v6.0.0, you can now animate every object in the Object List by inserting keyframes for the selected objects.

  1. Select object(s) in the Object List.
  2. Adjust position and orientation of the selected objects using manipulators. Alternatively, when a single object is selected, you can specify its transformation in the Object Inspector > Transform Attributes
  3. Press Animate > Insert keyframe (Shortcut: I) to insert a new keyframe for each selected object at the current time (position of the timeline indicator). 
  4. To insert other keyframes, left-click & drag the timeline indicator, and repeat steps 2 and 3.

The timeline shows all keyframes of the selected objects in the scene.

Press & hold SHIFT + left-click & drag to snap the timeline indicator to ruler lines or other keyframes.

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