Keyboard shortcuts

Modified on Mon, 10 Oct 2022 at 07:13 AM


Camera animation

Right arrowMoves the indicator to the next frame
Left arrowMoves the indicator to the previous frame
SHIFT + left-click & dragSnaps the indicator or keyframes to ruler lines
IInserts keyframe
ULaunches Update keyframe menu
KLaunches Set keyframe interpolation menu
CTRL + left click on blue triangle(s)Selects multiple keyframes or toggles selection
CTRL + A Selects all keyframes
DELRemoves selected keyframe(s)
SPACEPlays and pauses preview of the animation

Select, manage & view objects

ALT + left-click
Selects an object in the viewport
ALT + left-click & dragSelects multiple objects in the viewport
ALT + SHIFT + left-click or 
ALT + CTRL + left-click
Toggles object selection
CTRL + GCreates a group in the Object list
CTRL + DClones selected objects
F5Top view of selected objects
F6Right view of selected objects 
F7Front view of selected objects 
FFocus on selected objects (top view)


Press & hold XActivates polyline drawing
Press & hold HActivates horizontal distance measurement
Press & hold VActivates vertical distance measurement
Press & hold PActivates polygonal area measurement
Press & hold RActivates rectangular area measurement
Press & hold CActivates 3D selection sphere (Cleaning tool)


CTRL + SSave scene
CTRL + LLoad scene
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo
DELDeletes selected objects in the Object List, materials in the Material Editor, or keyframes in the Camera Animation window
F9Toggles full-screen mode
ESCDisables the active tool or exits full-screen mode