Release Notes v 4.3.0

Modified on Wed, 24 Aug 2022 at 02:19 PM

v.4.3.0. Release (January 14, 2020)


  • Added orbit camera controller.
  • Added camera jump tool (transportation to the selected location).
  • Added the option to lock the orbit center (created using the Jump tool) directly on the viewport.
  • Selected objects are now highlighted.
  • All object types can be directly selected on the viewport (except reference objects).
  • Added support for DXF blocks and block references.
  • Added support for importing big DXF files as reference.
  • Added progress bar support for DXF import.
  • Added local-space manipulation (for Translation, Rotation, and Scaling tools).
  • Added the option to rotate selected objects freely.
  • Added the option to rotate selected objects along the camera's viewing direction.


  • Highly optimized curve rendering. Now NUBIGON can render thousands of curves in real-time.


  • Removed mirroring from the Extrusion tool. Instead, added support for negative values.
  • Minor changes in the naming scheme of Object List items.
  • Join and Explode tools delete the input curves.
  • Curves to be joined do not need to have the same parent item in the Object List.
  • Polylines are now joined to a polyline (not to a compound curve).
  • Removed master group of imported DXF layers.
  • Dragging and dropping objects (in the Object List) does not change world-space positions.
  • CAD objects and extrusion meshes are now created as top-level Object List items (without a parent item).
  • Axes of the scaling manipulator can be dragged.
  • Updated the display of light sources.
  • It’s not required to select point clouds before using the Cleaning tool on them.
  • Curve control points are now shown as small squares (instead of spheres).
  • Added shortcut (F2) for renaming Object List items.
  • Automatic focus onto opened point clouds.
  • Cross-section tool parameters are now saved within scene files.
  • Predefined camera views act on selected objects.
  • Added shortcuts for top, side and front camera views.


  • Added Tool window for manipulation settings.
  • Removed Align and Focus Tool windows.
  • Updated Preferences window (Settings tab).
  • Redesigned Home tab.
  • Enabled Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts (was previously disabled).

Bug Fixes

  • DXF files exported from NUBIGON can now be opened in Sketchup.
  • The disappearance of the 2D curve icon when loading scene files has been fixed.
  • A 2D polyline is now exploded into 2D lines.
  • Fixed pivot-point editing of multiple objects.
  • Fixed major rendering performance issues.
  • Fixed the issue with panning speed in orthographic camera view.
  • Fixed the issue of the non-smooth switching between perspective and orthographic camera views.
  • Fixed the issue with zooming speed in orthographic camera view.
  • Fixed the issue of clipping scene parts in orthographic camera view.
  • Fixed performance issues in orthographic camera view.
  • Fixed the issue of show bookmark not restoring orthographic view parameters properly.
  • Fixed cleaning of transformed point clouds.