How to update keyframes

Modified on Tue, 16 Jan 2024 at 04:14 PM

Move Keyframes

You can move keyframes individually or as a group in the timeline. Reducing the time gap between two keyframes will accelerate animation speed between these two keyframes. Increasing the time gap between keyframes will slow down the animation. 

  • Select one or more objects in the Object List. The timeline will show all keyframes of the selected objects.
  • Select one or more keyframes. 
  • Left-click and drag (triangle) any of the selected keyframe to the desired time.  Moving multiple keyframes together does not change the relative distance of the selected keyframes to each other.

Update Keyframes 

First, select one or more objects in the Object List to show their keyframes in the timeline. Before you update a keyframe, ensure that the timeline indicator is positioned at an existing one. Otherwise, a new keyframe will be generated. You have several options to move the timeline indicator to a keyframe: 

  • Press & hold SHIFT and left-click & drag the timeline indicator to the keyframe. This will snap the timeline indicator exactly to the keyframe. 
  • Double-click the triangle of a keyframe. This will move the timeline indicator to the keyframe and select the keyframe. 
  • Jump to the previous or the next  keyframe until the timeline indicator arrives at the desired keyframe.  

Now, change the value of the keyframe (position and orientation) and press Animate > Insert keyframe (Shortcut: I).