How to insert keyframes for cameras

Modified on Mon, 29 Jan at 2:34 PM

As of NUBIGON v6.0.0., cameras are now individual items in the Object List. You can create multiple cameras in the same scene and animate them. 

Keep in mind that keyframes are inserted for the selected objects. 

  1. Click  to create a new camera object, and select the newly created camera in the Object List.
  2. Click to look through the selected camera (making the camera the active one).
  3. Change the position and orientation of the camera.
    Alternatively, you can use manipulators to perform this step. For this, you need to look through another camera.
  4. Press Animate > Insert keyframe (Shortcut: I) to insert a new keyframe at the current time (position of the timeline indicator). 
  5. To insert other keyframes, left-click & drag the indicator, and repeat steps 3 and 4.

When animating the default Camera, skip steps 1 and 2. Select Camera in the Object List and proceed to step 3.

The name of the active camera is shown in the bottom center of the viewport. You can toggle the visibility of the active camera name via View > Heads Up Display > Camera Name.