Keyframe interpolation

Modified on Tue, 16 Jan 2024 at 04:15 PM

The user inserts keyframes to specify an object's transformation at certain times. Interpolation is the process of computing the transformation between these keyframes. In NUBIGON, you can choose between three keyframe interpolation modes: 

Cubic: This is the default interpolation mode and produces smooth motion paths. 

Linear: This simple interpolation creates straight segments between keyframes. 

Constant: This mode holds the position of a keyframe until the following keyframe is reached. Looking at the motion path, you will notice no white-dotted frames between the blue-dotted keyframes, indicating no interpolation.

Change interpolation mode

Changing the interpolation mode for a keyframe affects the segment between the keyframe and the following keyframe.

  • Select the keyframes you want to change.
  • Press Animate > Set keyframe interpolation (Shortcut: K).
  • Choose between three interpolation modes.
  • Press Motion Path > Refresh all to update all visible motion paths or update only the paths of the affected objects in the Object Inspector to see the effect of your changes.