How to change the pivot point of objects

Modified on Tue, 30 Jan 2024 at 07:46 PM

The pivot point determines the position around which objects are rotated or scaled. 


Step 1: Select an object

To start, select the object from the Object List and activate any of the manipulators in the toolbar. The model of the single-family building depicted above consists of several layers containing meshes and 3D face edges. We have selected the parent group so that we can change the pivot point of the entire building.

Next, launch the Settings window (if it hasn't already launched automatically).

Step 2a: Center Pivot 

Pressing Center moves the pivot point to the bounding-box center of the object. 

Step 2b: Edit Pivot freely 

This option lets you set the pivot point manually.

  • First, press Pivot point > Edit
  • Then left-click & drag any axis to move the pivot point. 
  • Press Edit again to leave the pivot point editing mode.

Step 2c: Edit Pivot with snapping

To snap the pivot point to a specific location

  • Activate the relevant snapping tool from the toolbar, in this case: Snap to mesh vertex .
  • Press Pivot point > Edit to activate editing mode. 
  • Left-click & drag the central square of the pivot point and snap it to the desired mesh vertex. 
  • Press Edit again to leave the pivot point editing mode. 

Checking the Show vertices option in the material attributes of the meshes will help you identify the right vertex more easily.