How to manually align models with point clouds

Modified on Fri, 28 Oct 2022 at 10:18 AM

If models and point clouds originate from different software packages, they might have different coordinate systems. In this case, you must align models after the import.

  • Import your file with Offset Origin. This moves the bounding-box center of your model to the center of the grid. Make sure your model doesn't contain any outliers or a legend, otherwise the relevant part of your model won't appear near the origin.
  • Select your model in the Object List and press F to focus on it. 
  • Switch to the orthographic view 
  • Activate the translation manipulator  from the toolbar. Left-click & drag handles to move the model to its correct location. Optionally switch to predefined views to visually verify the alignment.
  • If you need to rotate your model, activate the rotation manipulator  from the toolbar, and adjust the rotation for optimal alignment with the point cloud.

Do you need to edit the pivot point of your model? Explore our how-to article.

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