Best practices for DWG/DXF import

Modified on Mon, 15 Jul at 8:04 AM

When importing DWG/DXF models alongside your point clouds, please follow these guidelines for the best experience.

  • First, open your point cloud.
  • Choose the name of your point cloud from the Offset drop-down menu. 
  • Leave the default Auto unit conversion.
  • If the point cloud and the DWG model are in the same coordinate system, they appear aligned in the viewport. In this case, you can stop here.

The video below demonstrates this process.

If the point cloud and DWG model are not aligned, you must manually align them. 

  • Select your DWG/DXF model in the Object List and delete it.
  • Re-import the same DWG/DXF file, but choose Origin from the Offset drop-down menu this time. This moves the bounding box center of your model to the origin.
  • Manually align your point cloud and the model using manipulators

The video below demonstrates the manual alignment process.

Advanced issues

We have compiled a list of rare issues that can occur during DWG/DXF import and their solutions.

Invisible model: The model is not near the origin 

Select your model in the Object List and press the keyboard shortcut F to focus the camera view on the model.

Invisible model: The model covers a large area 

Select the active camera in the Object List and increase its Far plane in the Object Inspector > Object Attributes. Select your model in the Object List and press the keyboard shortcut F.

Invisible model: The model contains outliers or a legend 

In this case, offsetting a non-aligned model into origin will not work. 

Open your DWG/DXF file in the CAD software of your choice, and remove the outliers and the legend. Then, re-import the new file into NUBIGON.

Unit mismatch

NUBIGON uses meters as its working unit. Therefore, the default Auto unit conversion during the DWG/DXF import will always perform a conversion into meters.

In rare cases, a point cloud file is not in meter units. For example, a point cloud and a DWG model are specified in inch units. The auto unit conversion will convert the DWG file into meters, resulting in a unit mismatch (the point cloud is still in inches).

To fix this issue, choose None as the Unit conversion during DWG import.