Object Inspector

Modified on Tue, 2 Jul at 6:20 AM

By default, the Object Inspector is in the bottom right corner of the interface. You can undock the Object Inspector from its default position or close it. To re-open the Object Inspector, select Windows > Object Inspector.

The Object Inspector is the window to view and edit a selected object's transformation and various attributes. 

If you haven't selected an object, the Object Inspector will show the default message: Select a single object to view and edit its attributes. The Object Inspector only supports a single selection. If you have selected two or more objects, it will show the same default message.

The Object Inspector displays the name of the selected object and, depending on what type of object you have selected, all or some of the following expandable pages:

Transform Attributes
You can view and edit the selected object's transform values.
Object Attributes
It displays the selected object's editable and non-editable (for example, number of mesh vertices) attributes.
Material Attributes
You can create and assign a new material to the selected object and customize material settings. You can also create and assign new color scales for point cloud types here.
Color Source
You can assign a color source (point color, object color, elevation, or intensity) to the selected point cloud and customize the properties of the color source.
Motion Path
This page lets you compute the animation motion path for the selected object and toggle its visibility.