How to add & manage bookmarks

Modified on Fri, 14 Oct 2022 at 09:02 AM

In NUBIGON, you can bookmark camera viewpoints to return to that exact position and orientation later on. 

Set bookmark

Click  to set the current camera viewpoint as a new bookmark. This newly created bookmark will be added to be bookmark list under a unique default name.

Show bookmark

Click  to navigate to the desired bookmark. Click the icon to list all bookmarks of your scene.

Bookmark Editor

Launch the Bookmark editor from View > Bookmarks to add, update, show, rename, or delete bookmarks. 

Annotation Bookmarks

Bookmarks labeled with  in the editor are associated with annotations.

When creating an annotation, a bookmark is automatically created from the current camera viewpoint and associated with the annotation. When selecting an annotation, the camera will fly to the viewpoint of the associated bookmark. 

To update the bookmark of an annotation, position the camera as desired and click on the bookmark icon  next to the annotation in the List View of the Annotation Window.