How to add & manage bookmarks

Modified on Tue, 30 Jan at 3:26 PM

In NUBIGON, you can bookmark camera viewpoints to return to them later on. Launch the Bookmarks window from View > Bookmarks to add, update, show, rename, or delete bookmarks. 

How toDo this
Bookmark the current camera viewpoint.Click the bookmark icon in the toolbar.
Alternatively, select View > Bookmarks and press Add.
Return to a bookmarked viewpoint.Click the icon  in the toolbar and select the desired bookmark's name.
Alternatively, select View > Bookmarks, choose the desired bookmark in the list, and press Show.
Update a bookmarked view.Change the current viewpoint of the active camera, select the desired bookmark in the Bookmarks window, and press Update.
Delete a bookmarked view.Select a bookmark in the Bookmarks window, and press Delete.
Rename a bookmark.Select a bookmark in the Bookmarks window, press Rename, type a new name, and press Enter.

Annotation bookmarks

Bookmarks labeled with  in the window are associated with annotations.

When creating an annotation, a bookmark is automatically created from the current camera viewpoint and associated with the annotation. These bookmarks cannot be renamed or deleted in the Bookmarks window. 

Learn more about annotations and their bookmarks.