How to clean point clouds

Modified on Tue, 23 Jan 2024 at 08:01 PM


Our cleaning tool does not support octrees or e57 yet.

Step 1: Import point cloud(s) via File > Import 

  • Use File > Import to open individual LAS, LAZ, XYZ, TXT, or PTS point clouds. 

For terrestrial laser scanner data, we recommend cleaning point clouds scan position by scan position. 

Step 2: Edit point cloud(s)

Launch the Cleaning tool  from the sidebar.

Choose from two brush types: 3D sphere or 2D marquee. 

  • In 3D sphere mode: 
    • To activate cleaning, click or press & hold C.
    • To select points inside the sphere, left-click and drag the mouse. 
    • To deselect points, right-click and drag. 
    • To change the size of the sphere, adjust the Size parameter or scroll the mouse wheel while cleaning is active. 
    • This mode is ideal for selecting specific objects.
  • In 2D marquee mode: 
    • To activate cleaning, click  or press & hold C.
    • To select a rectangular area of points, press & hold the left mouse button to define the first corner, then drag and release to define the rectangle's opposite corner.
    • To deselect an area, do the same with the right mouse button.
    • This mode helps you quickly select entire regions.
  • Reset unselects all points.
  • Delete  removes the selection.
  • Create  generates a separate point cloud from the selection.

Step 3: Export point cloud and open as octree via File > Open Point Cloud(s)

  • After editing, export the cleaned point cloud via File > Export. 
  • Then, open the point cloud as an octree from File > Open Point Cloud(s).