How to upload point clouds to Sketchfab

Modified on Fri, 12 Apr 2024 at 09:03 AM

While NUBIGON specializes in full-resolution visualization of point clouds on local devices, it also features a direct integration to Sketchfab to upload point clouds to the web easily. Below is a step-by-step description of the workflow:

Step 1: Open point cloud 

  • Open point clouds of any size, File > Open Point Cloud(s).

Step 2: Decimate point cloud, if necessary

  • Decimate point cloud if your dataset contains more than 5M points. 
  • The target point count will depend on your Sketchfab membership and the level of detail you would like to preserve. 

Sketchfab recommends less than 5 million points for desktop and less than 2-3 million points for mobile. 

Step 3: Launch Sketchfab exporter and upload!

  • Select the point cloud to be uploaded and launch the Sketchfab Exporter.
  • Input your Sketchfab API key, set the model properties, and upload! 

Beware, if you don’t toggle the Draft field, your model will be published directly on Sketchfab.

If you have a Sketchfab Pro (or above) membership, you can keep your model private and optionally add a password. Check out Sketchfab's guide for more details on private models.