Release Notes v 4.2.0

Modified on Wed, 24 Aug, 2022 at 2:21 PM

v.4.2.0. Release (September 18, 2019)


  • Added the option to edit the text of the selected annotation in the Object Inspector.
  • Added Align Camera tool.
  • Added visual feedback to set cross-section plane from three points.
  • Added Gamepad support (Tested with Xbox One controller only).
  • Improved OBJ loader to support non-manifold edges.
  • Added exporting point clouds as LAS files.
  • Added uploading point clouds to Sketchfab.
  • Added support for point cloud decimation.
  • Added project folders management.
  • Added support for changing temporary files location of the current project.
  • Added support for the latest FARO SCENE Project files (*.lsproj).
  • Added support for offsetting DXF and OBJ files into local coordinates during import.
  • Added support to export DXF and OBJ files in global coordinates.
  • Added a button to toggle the visibility of polygons in Surface Modeling.
  • Added drawing holes on the selected polygon in Surface Modeling.
  • Added support to edit, clone and delete holes in Surface Modeling.
  • Added triangulating of polygons with holes in Surface Modeling.
  • Added the option to remove duplicate points during octree generation.


  • Materials stored as part of a scene file.
  • Normal computation is a part of the octree generation.
  • Automatic assignment of surface materials is a part of the octree generation.
  • E57 scan positions are calculated in chunks.


  • Added Home screen.
  • Added Visual feedback in surface material settings when point clouds or octrees do not have normal vectors.
  • Added custom import&export file dialogs.
  • Restructured Surface Modeling window.
  • Restructured progress bar of octree generation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed numerical issues in cross-section plane definition.
  • Loaded 2D sections preserve their planarity.
  • Fixed the issue where users couldn’t leave the fullscreen mode by pressing the Esc key.
  • Fixed the issue where the progress bar disappeared by pressing the Esc key but the progress continued.