How to troubleshoot payment issues

Modified on Thu, 14 Mar at 3:09 AM

If you encounter any issues during a subscription purchase, please consider the following steps. 

Verify with your bank that there are no issues with your credit card.

Your bank may block the transaction when there is an insufficient balance or unsuccessful authentication. This is the most common issue type.

If you are using a VPN service, turn it off. 

Using a VPN service may trigger the security protocols of our digital commerce provider and block the transaction.

Try purchasing from another device and/or email address. 

Our e-commerce system may have blocked your device and/or email address due to multiple failed attempts or a technical reason. Please use another (preferably mobile) device and/or a different email address to make the purchase. 

Use the Google Chrome browser.

If you experience issues with other browsers, purchasing through the Google Chrome browser can resolve the issue.

Clear the cache of Google Chrome.

Should several payment attempts fail, our digital commerce system may put your account on a temporary hold. Please clear the cache of your Google Chrome browser to lift that hold.

Try incognito/private browsing. 

If the steps above fail, you may launch your browser in incognito mode and then make the purchase.

If all previous steps fail, contact us!

In your message, please confirm that you have tried the above steps and share specific details about the issue. We will do our best to help you resolve it!

The online shop of NUBIGON is administered by our digital commerce provider, so advanced issues may require their involvement. We appreciate your patience!