License key FAQs

Modified on Wed, 13 Sep, 2023 at 9:15 AM


Activate license key

  • Where can I find my license key? 
    Your license key is listed in the order receipt email from <> and in the account management portal.

  • How can I activate my license key for the first time? 
    When opening the software for the first time after the installation, the License Wizard will automatically launch. Press Activate your license. Then, enter your activation key. Press Activate license key to complete the registration. Click Finish, and NUBIGON Pro will automatically launch after that.

  • How can I activate a key for a subscription with multiple seats?
    If you have a multi-seat subscription, use the same license activation key on multiple devices simultaneously.

Switch license keys on the same device

  • How can I switch from the trial license key to a subscription license key?
    If you have an ongoing trial license and recently purchased a subscription, first launch the License Wizard from within NUBIGON, Help > Manage License, and deactivate your trial key. Then activate your subscription using your subscription license key and restart NUBIGON.

  • How can I switch from an expired subscription license key to a new one?
    Please follow the steps in the answer above.

Transfer license key between devices

  • Can I transfer my license key to another device?
    Yes, a single-user license can be transferred between devices of the user, but can only be active on one of the devices at any given time. 

  • How can I transfer my subscription license key from one device to another?
    On the first PC, launch the License Wizard from within NUBIGON, Help > Manage License, and deactivate your key. Then, install the software on the second device and activate your key upon launch. 

  • I cannot deactivate my license key because my device is no longer available (lost, broken, re-formatted, etc.) What can I do?
    Please contact us, so we can remotely deactivate it.

  • Can I activate my license key on a company server?
    We have users running NUBIGON on company servers, but this is not something we systematically support.

Access the account management portal

  • How can I access the account management portal?
    Open this link and enter the email address associated with your subscription. You will get an email from <> including a link to access your account and view your license key. If you are not receiving an email, please check (a) whether you are entering the email address associated with that subscription and (b) whether the email may have landed in the spam folder. 

License expiration

  • How can I find out when my license expires?
    Click Help > Manage License and launch the License Wizard to view the remaining days on your subscription.

License Wizard Error Messages

  • When I try to launch NUBIGON, I receive the message: "Error contacting the license server. Check your internet connection; your firewall or the license server may be offline. If you use a proxy server, you must configure your proxy server settings." What can I do? 
    (1) Check that you are connected to the internet. 
    (2) Whitelist our software in your anti-virus program. 
    (3) Do not use a VPN. 
    (4) Check that your firewall isn't blocking our software. 
    (5) If you are using a proxy server, review/configure your server settings. 
    (6) Verify that the time on your system is correct and synchronized with a time server. 
    (7) Make sure you are using the latest version of NUBIGON.