Fitting curves to sections

Modified on Fri, 21 Oct, 2022 at 1:46 PM

Launch the CAD window from the sidebar.

We support the fitting of curves to sections (2D point clouds created in the Cross Section window). 

  • Select one or more curves and a section in the Object List. 
  • Pressing Fit  will iteratively fit the selected curves to the section.
  • The user can combine fitting and manual editing operations in the viewport until desired results are achieved.
  • Once certain edges and vertices are optimally fit, you can lock them by clicking on them with the middle mouse. 
  • If necessary, adjust the Fitting distance parameter and then re-apply fitting. While small values may leave the curve unchanged, large values could lead to fitting the curve to unrelated regions.  

This is a handy tool for creating as-built plans quickly and precisely.