Release Notes v 6.0.0

Modified on Tue, 23 Jan at 10:08 AM

v6.0.0. Release (January 17, 2024) 

New Features

  • Introduced animation for all Object List items. Use cases include, but are not limited to, CAD animations, turntable animations, etc.
  • Introduced cameras as Object List items
  • Added multiple camera support
  • Added target tracking for cameras
  • Introduced cross-section planes as Object List items
  • Added support for glTF animations
  • Added support for image sequence rendering with a transparent background
  • Added no tiling option for video rendering
  • Added customizable animation range
  • Added support for copy&paste keyframes
  • Introduced the option to add your logo to the viewport, videos, and screenshots
  • Added new default color scales

New Supported Formats

  • Added MP4 support for video export
  • Added glTF & GLB support for importing 3D models, animations, and entire scenes


  • Introduced a new generation of octree, reducing file sizes by up to 40 percent
  • Improved octree-generation times
  • Improved render times and quality


  • Redesigned animation window
    • Introduced animation range 
    • Added options to show, hide, and update motion paths
    • Added preferences to customize the colors of the animation tool 
    • Replaced the inspect mode of the camera with object motion paths
    • Added selection for all keyframes to the right or the left of a keyframe
  • Redesigned heads-up display
    • Added heads-up display for the latest console message, the name and focal length of the active camera, and more
    • Added preferences to customize the heads-up display 
    • Introduced the option to add a logo for branded content 
  • Completely redesigned cross-section window and tool
  • Added the option to change the Euler rotation order to the Transform Attributes
  • Added new item visibility and selection options to the Object List context menu
  • Upgraded and expanded undo-redo capability


  • Moved camera settings to the Object Inspector
  • Moved the perspective/orthographic switch of a camera to the Object Inspector
  • Moved grid and axis checkboxes to the View menu
  • Temporarily removed the record option from the animation window


  • Added support for files with non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed a major bug that prevented importing of DWG&DXF files with above-specification vertex counts
  • Fixed a bug which caused the annotations to disappear in full-screen mode