How to share a project

Modified on Tue, 23 Jan 2024 at 12:44 PM

1. Prepare your project

  • Create a new project. This will allow you to share a single folder with your client.  
    • Launch the Project Manager window from File > Project Manager.
    • Press the New button. The text boxes will turn active, and the Current project text box will print “New project”. You can enter another name for your project. 
    • Click the browse icon to choose another location for the new project. When you are finished, click Accept button to create the project.

Learn more about the Project Manager. 

2. Share the project with a recipient

  • Provide the recipient with the entire project folder without changing its structure.

3. Install & launch NUBIGON on the recipient's device 

  • Start a trial or obtain the full version from our website

4. Set the project path to the shared project 

  • Launch the Project Manager on the recipient's device.
  • Press the Set button. Choose the shared folder in the file dialogue and press Select Folder.

5. Load a previously saved scene and start exploring! 

  • The recipient can now load scenes and immediately start exploring & working!