How to select and edit annotations

Modified on Fri, 30 Dec 2022 at 06:03 AM

Select & edit contents

Left-click on a locator in the viewport will select the annotation, display its descriptor (if Show descriptor is enabled, see below), and move the camera to the associated bookmark viewpoint. You can also select an annotation from the List View. 

In the Create & Edit page, the content of the selected annotation will be displayed. Changing this content will automatically update the annotation. 

To unselect an annotation, left-click on a space in the viewport. This will also clear the content cells.


At the bottom of the Create & Edit page, you can customize the following options that globally affect all annotations in the scene.

You can choose between the Title or the Number to be displayed as the locator in the viewport. 

From the Descriptor content dropdown, select the items you want to display as part of the descriptor in the viewport. 

Check the Show descriptor box to display descriptors when a locator is selected. 

When Autoplay is checked, audio files will automatically start to play when a locator is selected. 

In the Annotation Preferences, you can customize the look of the locators and descriptors.