How to create new annotations

Modified on Fri, 30 Dec 2022 at 06:01 AM

Launch the Annotation window  from the sidebar to create new annotations.

Start creating a new annotation by filling in the cells. Ensure no other annotation is selected.

Title: It should be a short text uniquely identifying the annotation.

Description: Here, you can add long-form text. 

Category: Helps you classify and group annotations with space-separated tags. You can filter and display annotations by category in the List View. 

Number: Each annotation is automatically assigned a number. This number cannot be edited. You can display the number in the locator instead of the title.

Image: Click the browse icon to add an image. We support PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, and BMP formats.

Audio: To add an audio file, click the browse icon and select the desired audio file. We support audio files in the WAV format. To play the audio file of the selected annotation, click play in the descriptor.

Hyperlink: Enter the full URL of the website you aim to link to. This hyperlink will be clickable from the descriptor. 

When you are finished adding the content, press Add annotation and left-click in the viewport to create a new annotation. 

A bookmark is automatically created from the current camera viewpoint and associated with the new annotation. 

To create another annotation, simply unselect the selected annotation by clicking on a space in the viewport. After the cells are cleared, proceed as described above.