How to filter and manage annotations

Modified on Fri, 30 Dec, 2022 at 6:07 AM

Launch the Annotation window from the sidebar and switch to List View.


When you type in the Search bar and click the search icon , annotations with titles that contain the search term will be displayed, and others will be hidden. Click the clear icon  to remove your search term.

Example: Searching for "bo" will reduce the above list to annotations bottle, bowl, and keyboard. 


You can filter annotations by their category using the Filter by Category function. Multiple category selections are supported. 

Filter by Content filters annotations based on whether they contain a specific content type like a description, image, audio, hyperlink, all, or none. 

Other operations

Sort: You can sort annotations by number or title by clicking the corresponding item (Number or Title) at the list's header. Then click the item again until the small arrow points down for sorting in descending order.

Delete: To delete an annotation, click on the delete icon next to the annotation.

Update bookmark: To update the bookmark of an annotation, position the camera as desired and click on the bookmark icon  next to the annotation.

Show/hide: To hide an annotation, apply a filter or search for a term that excludes the annotation from the List View and the viewport.

If you prefer the annotations to disappear as you move away from them, enable Fade out in distance and adjust Start distance and Range values from the Annotation Preferences as required.

Displaying back-facing annotations (those not facing the camera) in a reduced opacity can greatly increase the viewer's focus. The Back-face opacity value from the Annotation Preferences can be adjusted between 1.0 (fully opaque) and 0.0 (hidden). The orientation of an annotation is defined by the disk shown when adding a new annotation.