How to render videos

Modified on Tue, 16 Jan at 4:14 PM

You can render an animation into a video or image sequence. This article shows you how to customize your render video settings.

Export Settings

This section allows you to select the render output format and the preset quality settings. Supported formats are: 

  • NEW: MP4 video 
  • WEBM video 
  • PNG image sequence 
  • BMP image sequence 
  • TIFF image sequence 
  • JPEG image sequence

We recommend using Preset quality settings for beginners. 

The Camera dropdown lets the user choose the camera to render the scene. By default, the active camera is selected for rendering.

Basic Video Settings 

Here, you can configure the resolution of the output video or image sequence. The maximum value is 4096 for both dimensions. The maximum possible resolution for an MP4 video is 4096 x 2304.

Choose the export format PNG or TIFF, and check the Alpha box to render a transparent background.  

Bitrate Settings 

Bitrate is the data amount in a video signal measured in bits per second. Generally speaking, higher bitrates produce better-quality videos and larger files. 

Target bitrate dynamically adjusts bitrate based on the complexity of the video signal while trying to reach the specified bitrate (measured in megabits per second) on average.

Point Count Settings 

VRAM usage [GB]: This parameter controls the number of points rendered in each frame. Increase the value to render more points and thus decrease the perception of point loading in the rendered video. Select the desired preset or manually adjust the ruler.

If increasing the VRAM usage does not entirely remove the tiling effect, check the No tiling box to render a sub-sampled point cloud without any visible tiling. Please keep in mind that sub-sampling may reduce the overall visual quality of the animation, so it should be used cautiously as a secondary option. 


You can select the visibility of the grid and axis in your video. By default, viewport settings are used. Customize this according to your preferences.