How to create a clip animation

Modified on Tue, 16 Jan at 4:14 PM

  1. Open the Cross Section window on the left sidebar.
  2. Activate the Plane checkbox and press Create to create a default clip plane. The generated plane will appear as an item in the Object List. 
  3. Select the plane item in the Object List and configure its Object Attributes

  4. Use manipulators to change the position and orientation of the plane.
  5. Press Animate > Insert keyframe (Shortcut: I) to insert the first keyframe.
  6. Left-click and drag the timeline indicator to a new timestamp (optionally press & hold SHIFT to snap to the ruler lines).
  7. Move the plane using manipulators. 
  8. Insert a second keyframe. 
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 as many times as desired. 
  10. Optionally, select a camera and add keyframes for it.
  11. Adjust animation range so that it covers all keyframes in the scene (keyframes of the plane and the camera in this case).
  12. Click to move the timeline indicator to the start of the animation range, and click  to preview the animation.
  13. Press Export and render the video.